See this road? I will be on it in two months time. But it’s not in Cape Town, per se. It’s in the countryside… a whole hour and a half away in Piketberg.

Darlings, I tried to write some sort of post that explains why and what and how. The time arrived today to hand in my notice on my lovely, soon-to-be-vacated house though. And things have been mad busy. So I’m keeping it short and sweet instead. Trying to finish up last bit of work for the day and in dire need of a stiff drink.

On 1 July, I will be packing up the cats and whatever else I am taking with me, and heading out to the sticks for a while. Let’s call it a semi sabbatical. A working holiday. Basically, I will be scaling down the work stuff so I can focus on the other stuff… like the poor neglected horror I’ve been trying to write since 2006. And maybe darkroom photography. Spending time with my sis. Doing the small town thing.

I am still winging it quite a bit. Doubt I will stay there for very long. Keen on Knysna, maybe. Or back to Cape Town (not very likely but possible). Or somewhere very far away. I don’t know.

I don’t know, and that is what makes this scary and incredibly liberating and awesome and happy-face-making.

Oh yes, I will no doubt be organising some sort of farewell type thing. Stay posted.

Otherwise, so long Cape Town. It’s been real.



  1. ExMi says:

    good luck on your new adventures – how exciting! xx

  2. Roxilla says:

    Thanks darling. :) xxx

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